She Sings

It’s been a long while since my last post. For whatever reason, I haven’t felt like sharing so much of myself online. I have been quiet on the social media front as well as on my blog. I suppose I needed some time to dive inward and grow.

Last week I wrote a poem that I shared with my best friend. It touched her and she told me I should share it on my blog. I figured if it connected with her it may connect with others.

From my heart to yours…

“She Sings”

I think my best songs are within me
Just dying to be to be released
I think my best words come abruptly
When I stop taking so much time to think

When the noise in my head goes silent
When a calm washes over me
I hear this voice inside me
Desperate to tell me things

She sings…

Let it flow
Let shit
Live only in each moment
Let the wind carry you towards your dreams

Stop wondering if your words sound pretty
Stop questioning every move you make
Stop staring in the mirror
Reminiscing on your mistakes

Remember what truly matters
It’s always the same thing
It’s the Love we share with others
And the intention with which we create

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