My Inspiration for Becoming a Life Coach

A few years ago I had a light bulb moment while watching an interview with Mandy Ingber, Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Instructor. When asked the type of yoga Mandy is currently teaching she responded, “I am teaching what I need to learn.” That one sentence hit me in such a profound way. Much of my life I have been fascinated with personal and spiritual development and have traveled far and wide across the globe to study Yoga, Meditation, Pranic Healing, and other healing modalities.

In the beginning my quest for knowledge was purely selfish. During my life I’ve struggled with crippling anxiety, a deep depression when my brother tragically passed away, and have had issues coming to terms with my unconventional family unit. Soon I realized that what I perceived as my weaknesses were in fact my greatest strengths. These struggles enabled me to connect with people on a deeper level. My vulnerability and empathy were qualities that made people want to open up their hearts to me and share their deepest secrets, insecurities, and life-long dreams.

When I first started working as a Life Coach and Yoga Instructor, I was scared out of my mind. I felt “Who am I to teach when I still have so much to learn?” For the last decade my best friend and others close to me encouraged me to travel down this path but I was still unsure. When my own life coach gave me the final push, I knew it was time to share what I learned with others.

While I was studying to become a life coach, I realized how naturally it came to me. In fact, I had been preparing for it my whole life. It is my nature to listen to, connect with, and uplift the people I encounter in my life. My first life coaching client was one of my yoga students. I knew from our first session that this was the work I was created for. I also realized that everyone yearns to feel seen, heard, and understood. As a life coach, that is the heart of what I offer to my clients. I LISTEN and then together we plan a course of action to enable them to lead happier, healthier lives.

If you are interested in Life Coaching, I offer free 20-minute sessions to answer any questions and to determine if we are a good fit. If I don’t feel I can help, a network of life coaches and therapists is available and I can assist in a referral. The holiday season is a perfect time to seek the counsel of a Certified Life Coach. While this time of the year brings so much joy, it can also be difficult for many. With the latest advances of technology, I am able to offer Life Coaching to clients all over the world. Please contact me at to set up a complimentary session.


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