My Thoughts on Equality

After a self-imposed blogging hiatus, I’m back!

For everyone who has been following my blog, THANK YOU! This post is going to be a little outside of the scope of what I tend to write about. I usually stick to blogging about my interests. Yoga, Meditation, Music, and Travel are some of my favorite topics to write about. If you have been following me for a while, you have probably noticed I do my best to stay clear of politics. Why? Conversations about politics make me uncomfortable and writing about politics make me equally uncomfortable. I often say to people “I like to stay in my lane, and politics is not my lane.”

Well, the day has finally come where I can no longer be silent if I want to do my part in inspiring social change. I simply cannot turn away from what I see going on in America, my home country. The most disturbing thing I have seen in the headlines lately are what I view as hate crimes against humanity. For instance, when I heard about what happened in Charlottesville I simply couldn’t wrap my head around it. I have been wearing rose colored glasses my whole life. It has been a luxury to travel the way I do. I have spent so much time interacting with people who have a different skin colors, different sexual orientations, and different religious backgrounds. At first our differences seemed so interesting to me. Ever the writer and observer, I asked a lot a questions about those differences. I realized that no matter what ethnicity, sexual preference, or religious affiliation we identify with, we are so much more SIMILAR than I had initially realized.

We are all humans PERIOD! We all desire to be loved and appreciated. We are equal.
The only way I can understand why there are still people that belief otherwise is that perhaps they have limited experience being around a diverse group of people so they are scared. So, I IMPLORE those people to spend some time getting to know who they are discriminating against. I have found that there is great healing in sharing our stories.

I have had the privilege of singing on cruise ships internationally where my co-workers were from all around the world. That experience blew my mind. Later, I was on a television show in Los Angeles where I met girls my age from all around America who shared my love of singing. Even though our backgrounds were different, we were all united in our love of music. And most profoundly was the many months I have spent living in an Ashram in India. It was a huge cultural melting pot. I loved spending my time with such a diverse group of humans and I learned so much from the experience.

So while I still don’t enjoy talking politics, I cannot be silent when it comes to social change. We need to love each other more. There is NO NEED for violence. We need to TALK. The more we can create dialogue with people we view as different from ourselves, the more we will realize we have so much in common. We are human. We are equal. And, we all want to be loved.

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