A Trip Inward

The last couple months I have not been updating my blog much. Though I have been writing, I lost the desire to share my words for the time being. Basically, I needed a break. Not just from blogging, but from facebook and instagram as well. I’ve been taking this time to go inward and to figure out how I want to use my voice in this world.

In a few short weeks, I’ll be off to India again. It is there where I feel most creative. In a beautiful Ashram situated in the south of India is where the words flow most freely, far away from my every day life in the states. I plan to share the details of my next trip on my blog like I have done so many times before, but until then I am going to take this time to be still and to be quiet, online and off.

A lot can be learned by going inward and I hope this break from blogging will reignite my desire to share my stories far and wide in hopes my words can bring whomever reads them some joy, inspiration, and a feeling of connectedness.

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