Political Social Media Wars

The past week has been an eye opener for me. I never before realized how passionate my friends are regarding their political views. I see people I have known since childhood fighting with each other on Facebook and it saddens me. While I have my own opinions about US politics, I refuse to engage in the social media battles that fill my Facebook feed. Why? I don’t feel any good would come of it.

Personally, I want to keep my friends. So many of them have views that differ greatly from mine and that is okay. I don’t have animosity for people who see the world differently than me. An issue arises when I see people writing in a tone so harsh it creates  an all out war of words. This is a time to come together and social media fighting seems to be creating more division.

I think what this world needs most right now is kindness. Let’s use our words to uplift instead of infuriate.


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