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Thoughts on New Years Resolutions

As a writer, I am constantly putting my thoughts, desires, and dreams on paper. I guess you can say making resolutions is something I do weekly if not daily. I like to visualize what I want and write it down. The little girl in the video sums up my feelings about resolutions perfectly.

This is a practice we can do any time. Also, I think it is important not to be harsh on ourselves if we slip up along the way. What I do think is important is getting right back on track if a slip up occurs. One resolution that is always on my list is to be kinder to myself. I believe the self work we do not only strengthens us as individuals but also directly affects the energy we put out in the world.

So whatever your resolutions may be, I pray that you will be kind to yourself as you journey toward making your dreams come alive in 2017.


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