London Bliss

My third and last week in London was thrilling in a away I never anticipated and was full of surprises.

On the 14th my extraordinary best friend flew off to LA for work commitments so I made sure to use my time to see other London friends and I even went on a Date (yes a DATE!!!) with an incredible South African man.

First I reunited with Claire, who I instantly fell in love with two years ago when we trained to become yoga teachers in Costa Rica. She lives on this beautiful barge/boat that is basically like an apartment on water. I loved it! She and her her boyfriend made me feel so welcome. I spent that first evening with Claire catching up on the last two years of our lives over drinks.

The next day I headed back into the Mayfair area because a gorgeous man I had met the week before asked if he could take me to dinner. Now, I haven’t dated in what feels like forever, mainly because my interests have been mainly spiritual and creative this past year. I gladly gave up boys for the longest time in order to work on all my passion projects. This boy was different though. To be honest, he was absolutely gorgeous but I had this feeling he would be even more
gorgeous on the inside and indeed he was.

He took me to this incredible Mexican restaurant called La Bodegra Negra. This place is meant for lovers. The setting is intimate and everyone around us looked like they were falling in love or at the very least in lust. I couldn’t help myself. I was so caught up in the moment I completely fell under his spell as we sipped margaritas and enjoyed some deep conversation. And when he leaned into kiss me, I didn’t turn away. Instead, I enjoyed every single second of being totally caught up in the moment. It was a magical evening I won’t soon forget. It was the kind of night that inspires artists to write songs, and I wrote a few songs myself that week.

The next day I hit the gym and spent some time writing before getting ready for drinks with a new friend that is an absolute genius. He has been building businesses since he was 19 years old and we chatted about all the ventures we want to create and how we want to make this world a better place. I love making friends with brilliant visionaries because it inspires me to work even harder to make all of my dreams a reality.

The next day I headed to Camden with my friend Claire. We briefly explored the area before finding a delicious vegan restaurant on the water. I felt so content dining with my yoga sister, eating amazing food, and catching up. 

Next up was a visit to North London to visit my friend Carmen who is an incredible healer. I met her in the Maldives last year with Nicole and we hit it off instantly. The healing session stirred up a lot in me which was to be expected. 

She asked me questions I found it surprisingly hard to answer. At first I told her my current goals were to get really healthy, finish my book, and to continue doing volunteer work and traveling the world. She tapped into something I hadn’t really thought of. She told me I fear greatness. At first, I was like “No I don’t, I think I am amazing!” LOL But when I thought about it more, I think she has a point. 

Take for instance my connection with my best friend. I am more than content to be behind the scenes cheering her on and enjoy celebrating her every accomplishment. In fact, it’s my safe place. I have always felt incredibly comfortable when we are together. It’s natural for me. I guess I love playing the role of the cheerleader. It is truly a part of who I am. 

And just to put it out there, no one believes in my dreams and supports me more than my best friend. I am
the one who gets a little to comfortable going along for the ride. To be honest, it’s a really fun ride and I enjoy sharing this world and this journey with her.

But there is another part of me, the artist and the creator, and sometimes I neglect her because I am so busy enjoying the moment, I decide I’ll just go with the flow and let my creative spirit decide when I should unleash the many projects I have been covertly working on for the longest time.

Carmen, the healer, mentioned another fear of mine that supersedes my fear of greatness. It is my desire to remain anonymous. That hit home with me. I remember being on television. I don’t like having the cameras in my face one bit. I can’t even believe I was on the show because I was so uncooperative. They would  always ask us girls “why do you want to be famous?” The other girls would exuberantly list off a dizzying amount of reasons. When they asked me I awkwardly stammered “um, I don’t know. I’m not even sure I want to be famous.” Of course all that footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

The truth is I love being on a stage. I love singing. I love speaking. Being on stage is the easy part. It’s getting off the stage that wreaks havoc on my nervous system. I’m still not sure why. I even think this is the reason I haven’t finished my book, because when I do I am certain I will go on tour. I will use the book as a platform to speak to as many people as I can to spread the message that anyone can create the life of their dreams. I also want to share all the life changing things I have learned in the East and share that knowledge with the West. Creating the life of your dreams isn’t easy. But it is totally possible if you want it bad enough.

Back to the healing session. It was everything I needed and more. After the session, we had a lovely vegan dinner with her family. I couldn’t help but think about how very blessed I am to be surrounded by the people that invest every ounce of their energy to being in service to the world and the people in it. I am slowly starting to realize I too am
one of those people and it is humbling and exciting.

Later that night I made my way back to Claire’s houseboat. She was having a dinner party with some of her closest friends. We had so much fun! Just another example that “like attracts like” because Claire’s friends were awesome in every way. I so enjoyed getting to know them.

Friday, Claire and I did the tourist thing. We explored Greenwich village, took tourist photos and enjoyed some tea. It was so cold that we headed back to the houseboat and did some yoga together. It was bliss. This was how we met, doing yoga together. And now here we were on a houseboat enjoying our mutual passion for yoga. It was perfect.

One last shout out for Claire. Her and her boyfriend started this awesome company History Bombs. Basically they create educational content to make learning fun!!! So if you live in England and know of any history teachers will you please pass this link along to them ( If I was a kid and had this type of educational content I am sure I would actually have enjoyed history class way more than I did. So pass this along! Help some humans. It’s all good karma friends!

Friday night I went to a show Nicole had for a private charity event. I have seen Nicole perform so many times you would think I would be used to the magic she radiates on stage. Nope! I was a teary mess just like I always am. Seriously, she is a master at what she does. Sometimes I think people get too caught up in her gorgeous face and super model body that they don’t fully realize how talented she truly is. I know I sound like a biased best friend, but if you haven’t seen her sing with Andrea Bocielli click this link so you can feel the hairs rise up on your arms and your eyes fill with tears. She really is a musical ninja. I am so grateful I get to see her for who she really is. An incredibly talented songstress who just happens to be an incredible human being too.

After the show, we didn’t go out. Not us! We went back to her place and had deep conversations about life and love. The type of conversations you can only have with your best friend. I love being able to completely bare my soul to her. Instead of judging me, she loves me because of and in spite of all my flaws. We are all so human. And she sees me. That is the best feeling I could ever ask for. To be seen and loved for every single part of me. The good and the bad. We all have light inside of us. And we all have darkness too. But to be with someone who will always love you no matter where you are in your journey is a precious gift I am incredibly thankful for.

Saturday I was originally going to head off to Xfactor for another fun day on the set. Instead, a close friend reached out to me saying he needed a favor. Oh that word “favor.” It gets me every time. If you are someone I care about and there is some way I can help you, then I am going to rearrange all my plans to help you out. 

The favor was to be his side kick at what I thought was a business meeting over drinks. It wasn’t. It was a club opening! Uhhhh. I am sorry to all of you who love the club scene, but I just don’t. Going to a club and shopping at a mall ranks highest on the list of things I would rather never do. 

On the bright side, I got to meet my friend’s family earlier in the evening and they were such beautiful people. That was the highlight for me. Also I need to mention this friend is the type that drives hours out of his way to pick me up from the airport and to see me off safely because he knows I have anxiety while traveling. So, it was definitely worth a few awkward hours in a club surrounded by footballers and young girls trying to catch the eye of footballers. I am not judging. More power to them. It’s just not my scene. In the end, my friend had a successful night of networking and was happy. And his happiness makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I later told him directly “Never take me to a club again. Ever!” lol

The next day was my last in London. I caught up on sleep, packed my bags, and made time to see the lovely South African man who took my breath away earlier in the week. Don’t get me wrong, I am a realist when it comes to romantic entanglements. I live on one side of the world and he lives on the other. Lucky for me, I also live in the present moment. So I decided to take each moment we had and enjoy it to the fullest. Tomorrow is never promised. But the present moment is! I made sure to spend my last moments in total bliss connecting with someone I think is incredible in every way.

I sent Nicole a message to wake me no matter what time she got off work that night even though I had to leave super early in the morning. She did wake me and though I was so tired, we took time to connect, talk about our three weeks together, and lift each other up for all that is ahead of us. It was really sad to leave her. Just being with her feels like home. But, I also have another home in Orange County California and a family I miss dearly.

I am writing this blog from 33,000 above the ground and about 8 hours away from my hometown. My step mom and one of my closest girlfriends are picking me
up from the airport even though I told them I was fine to just take an uber.

They wouldn’t hear of it and that brings tears to my eyes. I left a world of love in London and I am returning to another world of love in Orange County. I feel very content right now writing on this plane between my yesterday and my tomorrow. I feel loved, in purpose, and in gratitude. Who knows what tomorrow holds, but this moment is everything. I wish the same for each and every one of you. Absolute joy in the moment.

Light and Love, Katie Morris


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