A recap of my first week in London

I went from hot and humid to fancy and frozen. Literally. This past week in London has been a whirlwind of fun and fabulousness. It is hard to believe that just over a week ago I was sleeping on a thin mat on a concrete floor and now I am relaxing on a huge king size bed I literally sink into. Honestly, it makes me appreciate both living situations. I enjoyed every second of my time in the Ashram but I am also enjoying the hot showers and my fancy room in London. I never before fully appreciated how blessed I am to travel between the extremes of the different worlds I live in.

The highlight of my trip so far has definitely been spending quality time with my best friend. No matter what we may be doing, just being together makes the journey so much sweeter.

So here is a quick recap of my first week in London:

Tuesday, November 1st -I left for London at 3:20am and arrived around midday. A dear friend picked me up from the airport. Since my baggage included flip flops and clothes designed for the hot and humid climate in india, my first stop was a local H&M to pick up some cold weather essentials. After, we had a lovely Italian meal before he dropped me off at the fancy hotel I would be staying at with my best friend for the next couple of weeks.

It was so good to see my best friend and give her the biggest hug. She invited me to the recording studio to watch her work but I was just too exhausted to tag along. As she worked through the early morning hours I slept long and hard.

Wednesday, November 2nd – Our first activity of the day was a challenging workout with my best friend’s personal trainer. It was intense but I loved every second. Also, working out with a friend, especially one as fit as mine, is inspiring and enables me to work out harder than if I were alone. Nicole had lots of work to attend to so I decided to wander around Mayfair, visit Hyde Park, and then have a beer in a London pub. I met some cool people who I chatted up before I had to return to the hotel to get ready for our first night out in London. 

Nicole had been invited to an intimate dinner at the home of the host of her television show. I was her plus one and when we arrived we were given a tour of the most incredibly decorated London home. I was in awe of each and every room. The home was gorgeous yet also felt warm and cosy. It was a small group. The food was incredibly and the wine flowed freely. We laughed so much. As I looked around the table at these famous faces I see on television, I was most impressed by what genuinely kind and good people they are. They made me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed every second of their company.

Thursday, November 3rd – I spent the daylight hours working on my many writing projects while Nicole was at a photo shoot. We met back up at the hotel to get ready for another fun night out. I felt kind of silly as my best friend dressed me up in her too high shoes and and too tight pants but I went with it, because “when in London…” I suppose I will always be a sundress and flip flops kind of a girl but it was a nice change to get a little fancy for a fun night out. 

We went to dinner at Nobu with one of Nicole’s friends, a well known and talented singer and his equally awesome singer/songwriter brother. I love being around artists, especially ones as kind hearted as these Londoners were. We had so much fun and spent most of our time laughing. 

The singer had noticed there was a naked man standing in the window of the building next door and at one point the whole restaurant was giggling because this man obviously didn’t mind letting it all hang out if you know what I mean? We ended the night with cocktails at the Soho house which had a super cool ambience but what I enjoyed most about it was the company we were with.

Friday, November 4th – Originally I intended to spend the day accompanying my best friend at a photo shoot. Instead I chose to stay in the hotel and get some writing done. When she returned from work we did my very favorite things… made pasta, drank some wine, lounged on the sofas, and caught up. As much as I enjoy going to all these amazing dinners, I am a homebody and love a night in with lots of girl talk.

Saturday, November 5th – It’s xFactor time! We started the day with an intense workout that felt incredible. The woman, Svava who trained us is a huge inspiration to me. She is fit, fierce and fabulous. She also has a really kind heart which made me love her all the more. I would highly recommend her. You can visit her website at www.thevikingmethod.com to learn more about her. She also has a book coming out that I will absolutely be purchasing. As much as I love Yoga, I also like changing up my workouts and her routines leave my muscles aching in the best way possible. 

After working out, it was off to the xFactor studios. I truly love being a fly on the wall when I am there. It is so much fun to people watch. All the young contestants are buzzing with energy. You can feel their nerves and excitement. It reminded me of how I felt so long ago when I too was on a talent reality TV show and the entertainment world was so new to me. Most of the time I chilled with Nicole in her dressing room while her epic glam team went to work to get her camera ready. It is really cool to watch how much work goes in to every one of these live shows. 

When it was showtime, my best friend and her team of talented singers brought the house down. I felt like such a proud BFF. It is like watching magic happen in front of your eyes.

After the show we went to dinner at a super fancy restaurant with the judges and other talented humans who work for the xFactor. When we entered I made a beeline for the choreographer who is a friend I hadn’t seen in years. I met his lovely partner and we hit it off. While I was chatting with them Mr. Simon Cowell walked right up to me and greeted me with a hug. That surprised me. Though I have seen him around numerous times throughout the years I have always avoided him. He always seemed super intense and I was too scared to ever introduce myself. This man who greeted and hugged me was absolutely lovely. I sat across from him and Nicole and he had me roaring with laughter. 

I also spent a lot of time catching up with Louis Walsh who I immediately fell in love with the first time I met him at a judges dinner back in 2013. Louis is just the type of man you want to be around. He is warm, funny, and never takes himself too seriously. And last but not least, I got to see Sharon Osbourne again. I have such deep respect for this woman. She amazes me in every way. I would definitely consider her a role model. She is beautiful, smart as a whip, and one of the hardest working women in show business. 

There were so many other incredible people there too but I didn’t get much time to talk with them because the table was so large and I couldn’t pull myself away from my yummy pasta and the constant hilarity of listening to Simon, Nicole, Sharon, and Louis banter. They are just as entertaining off television as on. It was a great night and I felt truly blessed to be sharing a meal with people I think are phenomenal in every way.

Sunday, November 6th – Another xFactor day. This time it was the results show so while the contestants were nervous it still seemed a bit more relaxed backstage. Since my BFF is super generous she offered me a facial while I was waiting for her to get glam ready for the show. It was glorious and I felt very pampered. When it was showtime, I could barely contain my excitement when both her contestants went through. 

The energy was high when we left that day and we made our way to a luxurious hotel on Park Lane for cocktails with one of the smartest men in the music industry and a friend of his. Just listening to him speak was like attending a business masterclass. I felt so grateful to even be in the same room with him. It was extra cool that he was also down to earth and easy to be around. I am so thrilled my friend has so many amazing innovators surrounding her because the very same greatness I see in them, I see in her. You know that old saying like attracts like? I was seeing it in action all week and am so proud of the hard work she has put into her career to be the best she can be not only in her professional life, but in her personal life.

Monday, November 7th – I spent most of the day working on my own projects but in the evening accompanied Nicole into the studio to watch her record. I love being in the studio. It is whole different world of music innovation. I admit I got teary eyed and had goosebumps for much of the session. 

After we went out for dinner with some of the coolest people I have ever met. Each one had invented or invested in some crazy thing that is impacting the world for the better right now. WOW. And they were so lovely. Even though they were all incredibly successful what I remember most about them was their kindness. We ended the night with our own little karaoke session in which I happily participated in.

Tuesday, November 8th – It’s election day in the US. As I am sure you noticed I am not comfortable speaking about politics for many reasons. Whatever your choices, I respect them. And whoever is elected, I will give the human a chance. I want to live in an inclusive world, not a divided one. That is all I will say about that. We spent the eve of election day by attending a musical that was uplifting. As for what happens tomorrow, we will see. Whichever way it goes, my motto will remain the same. Be kind to each other. That is all.

I am excited to see what the next two weeks in London hold for me. I will embrace every moment and be grateful for every second. Sending out my love to each and everyone of you!


  1. Hey Katie! Glad to hear you’re in London! If you have time to spare considd coming round for some pasta and a complimentary healing session! Carmen xx

  2. I just love reading about your adventures! It makes me feel like I am right there with you… wish I was 😉

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