Hello Varkala, Nice to Meet You!

I have been hearing about this beautiful Indian beach town called Varkala ever since I came to India at this same time last year. Because I am usually very busy while at the Ashram, I have never had the opportunity to go there. This week I had one day where my schedule was completely free, so I went to Varkala with six of my Ashram friends.

Usually, people take a rickshaw to the train station and then it is an hour or so trip to the town. A generous friend set up a car service for us on the way there so our ride there was very comfortable. We sang along to western pop songs as we enjoyed the scenery along the way.

Once there, we checked into our hotels. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I had a room to myself with Air-conditioning and a huge bed. That may not sound like much to my Orange County and LA friends, but considering that for the last 3 and 1/2 months I have been in hot, humid countries with no air-conditioning and roommates, I was the happiest girl in the world! For me, it was a great gift!

After we settled in, we headed out to grab some food at a lovely beachside cafe and then went for a swim in the hotel pool. It felt like a little vacation after a busy month in the Ashram. I really enjoyed the down time.

The only person I didn’t know very well in our travel group was someone I quickly fell in Love with. He is basically me, but a gay man. We both love ocean swimming, yoga, music and all things spiritual. We are a match made in heaven. If he were straight, I would have asked him to marry me which is saying a lot!

In the Ashram it is expected that boys and girls keep distance from each other. While I totally understand this rule, it is nearly impossible for me to follow. I am just an affectionate person. Whether you are a child, female, or male, I am probably going to try to hug you. So, to be outside of the Ashram and be able to show affection was amazing.

Physical touch is so healing for me. So my new “Love” is a massage therapist and generously used his magic hands to release all the tension I have been holding inside my body. I literally felt like God sent me an angel in this new friend. Also, since he also loves to swim in the ocean, it was amazing to have someone accompany me as I laughed and body surfed on the waves. I felt so much incredible joy. 

And then, just when I didn’t think my new connection could get any better, we started doing partner yoga. Wow!!!! If you have never done partner yoga, you need to try it. To have another person assist you in and out of asana poses takes yoga to another level. I later asked him if a lot of straight girls fall in Love with him. He admitted that they often do and I can totally see why. I was smitten!

While the trip was short and sweet, it was a perfect first taste of Varkala. I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to dive into the rest of my time here in the Ashram.

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