Tuesday’s are my favorite day!

Every day at the Ashram is a good day, but Tuesdays hold a special place in my heart. On this day I go into silence. Those that know me may be surprised I enjoy being in silence. Those that know me very well won’t be surprised at all. While I consider myself very friendly, I also think of myself as a social introvert. I am happiest when I am alone. 
When I am alone I journal, write music and create whatever I can dream up. Long ago I realized I truly am my own best friend and favorite companion. 
A Silent Tuesday at the Ashram looks like this. Upon waking I practice yoga, meditate and write. Then I have breakfast alone. Next I head back to my room for more writing. I believe I do my best writing on these days. 
At 11am, Amma comes to the large dining hall and we do a group meditation. Then she gives a talk on spiritual matters. Once the talk is finished, she serves us all an Indian meal and we eat together. 
The rest of the day is mine to do whatever I choose. I feel so light on Tuesdays. I am thinking I will continue these silent Tuesdays when I return to the states. As much as I love chatting with people, I also value the idea that silence truly is golden. 

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