Roommate Wars!

I realized that for this past year I have been sharing living space. This isn’t ideal for an introvert. Even though I am very friendly and outgoing, it is imperative I have alone time.

Right now I am in a very small room with 3 people. Now that Amma will be leaving the Ashram soon, it is possible that I can stay in a single room.
My roommates are great. One is my closest friend at the Ashram and so much fun to be around with. I think if it was just the two of us, I would feel comfortable and still be able to write. However, the other Roomate is from Japan and speaks very little English. She is so sweet but we have very different schedules. Every morning when she wakes me up, I am unable to go back to sleep. And, she comes back to the room very late at night and moves around the room loudly doing who knows what. Needless to say, I sleep very little in this situation. It would be nice to be completely on my own schedule.

Also, every time she uses the restroom she leaves everything wet, Including the toilet seat. Since she speaks no English, it is impossible to communicate this to her.

At this point, I am going to talk to some of my friends who handle accommodations and see what they can do about setting me up with a single room for the rest of my stay. I think it is time to have my own space for awhile.


Last night was crazy. At around 1am, the roommate from Japan came into the room while my other roommate and I were trying to sleep. She shut the window that we always leave open so the air can circulate. I hear my German roommate say “I am going to kill her!” I stayed put pretending sleep. All of a sudden I hear Cora get out of bed and forcefully close the window. I then hear Japan roommate screech “No! close Windows! Mosquitos!!!” They go back and forth a bit in raised voices. Cora wins the argument and the window stays open. I am grateful. Next, I hear Japan roommate slapping herself as if she was smacking mosquitos. However, I know there were no mosquitos in the room because they would have been biting me too.

In the morning, Cora and I composed a “Dear John” letter to her stating that because the Ashram is now a lot less crowded perhaps she should look for a different room where she can close the windows at night. We were polite as one can be when telling someone “this just isn’t working out.” Let’s just hope she gets it translated so she can read it.

Prayers please!

Update 2!

Roomate from Japan just told me she is moving out tomorrow! 


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