IST – Indian Stretchable Time

I originally titaled this blog post “The Art of letting go” but Indian Stretchable Time sounds so much cooler. At this very moment I am sitting beside the stage waiting to go on to sing. According to the original schedule, we would have performed by now, but in India things never go quite as planned. The trick is to find joy in the chaos. I am slowly learning this lesson. 
In the West, I am a time tyrant. My friends know that if they are late for one of our gatherings I will be irritated. You see, I learned from my father that being on time is a form of respect. This lesson I still carry to this day. However, when I travel to foreign lands I must go with the flow. There is something quite magical about just surrendering. So, as I wait, I look around amazed at the scene around me rather than irritated my set time is a little late. It feels much better to just let go. 

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