Singing Machine

This past week I have felt like a singing machine, and for the most part I loved it. The preparations for Amma’s birthday extravaganza have been intense and magical.

I will be singing two songs for Amma’s birthday celebration. One is a duet called “You Raise Me Up” made famous by Josh Groban. The other is a song I rewrote lyrics to in honor off Amma. You may have heard of the original song. It’s “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. I am singing it with thirty children who live in the Ashram. I am so excited.

The rehearsals were intense and sometimes frustrating. I learned the definitions for IST, which is Indian Stretchable Time. It has truly been a lesson in patience. It isn’t easy gathering up so many kids to practice. Still, it has been a truly heart opening experience

I have done all I can do in preparation for the event and tomorrow I will let it all go and just sing from the heart. I have heard there will be over 40,000 people in attendance which is the largest crowd I have ever sang for. I’m not nervous. All the hard work is done. Now I get to enjoy the 8 minutes I get to use my voice to make people happy. I can’t wait!

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