India is a frugal girl’s dream!

I have been thinking of writing this blog post since my first trip to the Ashram in October of 2015. I just couldn’t believe how inexpensive everything is here. For instance, a bottle of coconut water can cost up to $5 in the US. Here, coconut water straight from the source is 45 cents!!! YUM!

Here is a breakdown of some of my other favorite treats.

Samosa – 15 cents
Veggie burger – 60 cents
French fries – 45 cents
Salad – 45 cents
Cookies – 45 cents
Pasta – 91 cents
Personal Pizza – $1.50
Masala Dosa – 60 cents
A Large bottle of water – 30 cents
Tea – 15 cents
Vegetable soup – 45 cents

Also, all of the clothes, toiletries and other things one may need is also dramatically lower than anything I would buy in the US.

The rent for my room is roughly $100 a month and that includes 3 meals a day! I have a view of the Kerala backwaters, thousands of palm trees, and the Ocean. There is a beautiful pool I can go swimming in for free.

The cost of a 5 day yoga retreat here is $80 where in other countries this would cost me more than a $1000! Now you can see why it is so hard for me to leave this magical place.

And the ability to be around my Guru, spiritual teacher, everyday is PRICELESS. Amritapuri is my Heaven on earth.

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