You Can’t Please Everyone

I am a people pleaser. Mainly because I enjoy seeing people happy, but I have learned the hard way that you can’t please everyone. I have a tendency to say “YES” to too many things. When I take on too much I can become irritable. 
During one of my rehearsals for the Onam play, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Too many well meaning people were giving their opinions on my performance by telling me what I should or should not do. I did my best to listen with open ears and an open heart, but I was thinking, “I just want to go back to my room and practice alone!”
You see, as much as I appreciate the words of advice, everyone was saying different and opposing things. What one person loved another person disliked. I knew then that there would be no way to please everyone. My best course of action was to listen to my heart and the direction from the creators of the play. I needed to shut everyone else out or I was going to go crazy. 
I know once I am on the stage, everything will fall into place. Until then, I will just keep doing my best and try to remember that while you can’t “please” everyone, you can treat everyone kindly. 

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