Seasons of Life

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a young spirit, an old soul, and a body that is fast approaching middle age. I used to love doing back bends, headstands, and handstands. Gone are the days of effortlessly throwing myself into the splits. I can still do the splits but only when I properly warm up my body.

As the years go by, I find myself enjoying teaching class more than practicing acrobatic poses. When the main teacher asks for someone to demonstrate a difficult pose, I hide. When he asks someone to volunteer to teach the class, my hand shoots up. I suppose we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Since I am in advanced yoga teacher training, I really don’t have much of a choice but to do the hard stuff to the best of my ability. The only way to learn all the advanced adjustments is to get in the poses.

During our lunch breaks, my friends that are in their young twenties head to the beach to capture photos of their best poses. I LOVE watching them. It takes practice and discipline to train the body to contort itself in various ways. And, it is breathtaking to observe. I, however, spend my lunch breaks in the ocean or the pool trying to stretch out my tight muscles and relax.

Today in our morning class, one the most difficult poses was going into a headstand from crow pose and then back to crow. I snuck to the back of the room because I didn’t have the energy today to even “try” to do it. Later, when I was in a supine pose with my leg wrapped around my head, I thought to myself, “Katie, it is time to retire this pose unless you are in the privacy of your bedroom!”

This yoga teacher training has been inspiring but also very humbling. I suppose I am not as daring as I used to be, but I definitely am wiser. It’s a good trade off.

My beautiful friend Kamila who shows that hard work most definitely has a payoff. ❤️


  1. Katie my love, I was just on my way to bed when I saw this…
    I was on a retreat last year when someone asked “what’s the best time to start yoga?” and the reply was “now, or 20 years ago”. It’s a bittersweet notion that’s hard to take on board. I started 10 years ago, then aged 46. The backbendy, headstandy, splitsy acrobatic stuff has never been in my range, and never will be. With glaucoma, I am advised not even to try most inversions. But guess what? Starting (my) yoga, continuing to practice (my) yoga and doing (our) teacher training is the most powerful process I have ever undertaken, and something that brings me utter peace and joy every day of my life. And I have met the most fantastic people I would never have been lucky enough to encounter in other circumstances. So, do you remember that poem about letting go? I think about it often. Love and hugs to you and my beautiful girlies Cx

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