Delhi Love!!!

Today I explored the city of Delhi with my Mother who is also a travel enthusiast. Last night when I checked into a gorgeous hotel called the Claridges, I immediately had a steaming hot shower. The pleasure was so intense. Never before had a shower felt so heavenly. After months of cold bucket showers, this felt like the ultimate luxury.

The bed in the room was huge, soft and had big fluffy pillows. I jumped on it belly first like a little child squealing in delight. The fact that just this morning I was sleeping on a hard Ashram mattress on the top of a bunk bed made the whole experience surreal. For the record, I do love steal bunk beds, concrete rooms, and bucket showers. I love immersing myself in another’s culture. It felt like a grand adventure to have my first bucket bath and climb atop a bunk bed which I hadn’t done since childhood. But, I also love the feeling of staying in this luxurious hotel because before today I always took things like hot showers for granted and I never will again. I look at bedding and washing in a whole new way which is that of gratitude.

Our tour was incredible! My mom loves to travel in style so we had a driver and tour guide with us as we explored the city. The first stop was a Hindu temple which was stunning. The tour guide told us about its rich history and sacred ash was dabbed on our foreheads. Sharing this experience with my mother was so meaningful to me.

I will return to this blog later to write down all the details of what we saw but since we need to board a flight soon to joipur to ride camels, I am going to close this blog with my favorite part of Delhi and a story.

In the heart of old Delhi, we took a rickshaw through many winding streets with crazy traffic. The energy was high and our smiles were huge. We both loved the experience! Our driver was this small little man who expertly maneuvered his was through the chaos. He worked so hard! I told my mom that I wanted to give him a huge tip. With a big goofy grin I squealed to my Mom, “It will make his day! He will be say happy!” I gave him a 400% tip (1000 rupees, or $15 US dollars, or 25 Ashram veggies burgers!!!) When I gave him the rupees he looked at it blankly and just shoved it in his pocket. No smile, no wide eyes, no excitement, NO NOTHING!

I exploded into laughter because the spiritual lesson in this moment was so obvious. The GIFT is in the GIVING! I was the one who wanted to feel good and I did so it doesn’t matter if he reacted with excitement or not at all. It was a good reminder to never have expectations for a specific end result. Just enjoy the gift of giving.

Next stop Joipur!!!! Can’t wait wait to fly off to the next Indian city. Feeling in Love with Life!!!!

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