Energy Overload

WARNING: Singing and slow yoga DO NOT MIX! Not at all.

Life at the Ashram is busy as usual so I thought it would be a good idea to record some vocals in a makeshift studio at 6am which is right before my morning yoga class. I arrived at The Amrita Television studio and got to lay down some vocals in a small, air conditioned closet like room that contains all of the footage filmed of Amma since the 80s. Looking around at those tapes humbled me. Thinking about all of the recorded wisdom in that room was so inspiring. As I was singing, I felt so much energy rushing through me. It was a magical experience.

After I was finished I rushed off to my 7am yoga class. By the time I arrived at yoga I was so pumped up I felt like running a marathon. This yoga retreat, however, was nothing like the intense retreat I just finished. This retreat is all about the basics and holding very easy poses for a long time. While I can see the beauty and usefulness of a practice like this, it was NOT fun to be bursting with energy from my recording session while standing in Mountain Pose for a half an hour. I don’t drink coffee but I imagine it is what it would feel like to drink 5 expressos. My whole body was shaking and I just wanted out of there.

I have decided music and slow yoga don’t mix, at least for me personally. So tomorrow I will skip the slow yoga and just pour myself into the music.


  1. Merry Christmas Katie! I just got caught up reading your last few posts and I feel like I’m right there with you! You are such a great writer and I can feel your experiences right in my soul! Happy New Year! xoxo

    1. Merry Christmas Carolyn! So happy you like the blog. I love writing it because I feel I can take my friends and family along with me on all my adventures. Love you!

  2. I’m imagining that room that’s storing all that footage. Like the Akashic records. SHAKTI!!! Loving your journal entries, Katie! xoxo

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