Mother Mary is Homeless

Yesterday I found out I would need to move out of my room today because the owner is arriving shortly. It couldn’t have been worse timing. My schedule is packed and tonight I will be singing for Amma and an Ashram full of people. The fact that Mary, the mother of Jesus was in a similar predicament is not lost on me. Oh, the irony. I suppose this situation will help me get into character for tonight’s performance.

I know in a couple days I will be laughing about this but today I want to cry. I miss my family. I am sleep deprived. And, I really wish I knew where I will be resting my head tonight.

Right now, I am waiting for the international office to open so I can get a new room assignment. A friend from the play works there so he is going to help me. He is my Christmas angel this year. I just pray the room is close to where I am now and that my new roommates are easy to live with.

I will have about 15 minutes to move all my belongings before heading off to the final meeting for my Kali Namaskar yoga retreat. Today is the last day of the retreat, the play, and the last day in my room. Tomorrow will be a day full of new beginnings.

My Christmas Angel has saved the day. He managed to find me a bed on the floor below where my current riom is. There will be four people in the room but at least I won’t have to move all my stuff across the Ashram. AND, he said I could spend one final night where I am now so I won’t have to move till Christmas morning. This is the BEST news because now I can concentrate on performing tonight instead of moving. Considering the circumstances, I am feeling so blessed to have a little extra time before starting another new chapter of Ashram life.


  1. See…there was never a reason to stress or worry, as AMMA often reminds us. All always works out. Sending you Love… <3

  2. See…there was no need to worry or stress, as AMMA often reminds us. It always works out. Sending you Love…

  3. Aww, I thought you were with your friend! Bummer. It will always work out and just try to keep enjoying it! We are excited you are on an adventure but miss you terribly! Thinking of you today! xoxo

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