A Fine Frenzy

A day at the ashram feels like one second and a lifetime simultaneously. It is the strangest thing. Lately, I am out the door of my room at 6am and return around 11pm. In between, I am either practicing yoga, rehearsing for the Ashram Christmas play, practicing for the New Years show, or meditating.

To be perfectly honest, I am not spending much time with Amma and she is the reason I am here. In the Ashram, I feel close to her whether I am in her physical presence or not. When I do get a chance to go sit with her, it seems like she is silently telling me “you don’t need to sit right next to me to spend time with me. Go out into the world/ashram and take action.”

So, that is what I have been doing- taking action. I feel like I am in constant motion and I like it. Sure, there are moments when exhaustion sets in, but I take a cold shower, say a prayer, and I move forward. In a couple of weeks I will be leaving this magical place and until then, I am going to luxuriate in every meditation, every song, every yoga class, and every chance I get to be of service to someone. I came here to LEARN and GROW and that is exactly where my focus is.

In someways this place is like a spiritual university. I read, I research, I write, and I experience. The one thing that is different from my time in college is that I get to study ONE subject instead of many. And lucky for me, that one subject was and will always be my favorite, Spiritual Awakening. For my friends in the west, especially my friends in Orange County who are still scratching their heads as why I came to India in the first place, I am seeking the same thing as everyone else, happiness.

Personally, I find my happiness in strengthening my connection to God and the easiest way for me to do that is through Yoga and spending time with Amma. Whether I am physically next to her or not, she motivates my every action and in those actions my happiness lies.

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