Oh Christmas Play

The rehearsal schedule for the Christmas play is intense. Since my character is in almost every scene I have two rehearsals a day. Usually from 1-3pm and then a music rehearsal from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

The way the musical is cast is very interesting. The lead roles are double cast. So each character with a speaking part or a song has two different people sharing the role. For instance, I am the voice of Mother Mary so I will be offstage singing and delivering the lines. I am grateful because the perk of being off stage is that I will have a script on my lap if I need it.

The other Mary will be on the stage. She will be miming and acting out everything I say and sing. It is imperative that we be in sync. Thankfully, the other Mary is a LOT like me. We have many similarities and I think that is really helping us work together with ease. It is so interesting being the voice without acting. It feels like I am a ventriloquist and it is totally awesome.

The creators of the play are a brother and sister. I think they are enormously talented. The brother writes all the music and the sister writes all the dialogue. They have been putting on these musicals for the past seven years. I’ve also noticed that they are both extremely humble. Any time I have tried to compliment them on their work, they deflect any praise I give them.

The whole cast is very fun to work with. Everyone has different personalities but from what I have seen so far everyone works together really well. I haven’t seen one “Diva” and everyone (the dancers, musicians, singers, and actors) are very skilled at what they do and I feel grateful to be a part of this magical production.

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