The Incredible Carmen Harris

I am blessed to lead the kind of life where I meet many incredible people during my travels. Recently, I met one in particular that really made an impact on me. I wanted to write about her on this blog because I really believe in her message and if I can help her reach more people, even in my own small way, then that would make the whole purpose of this blog come to life. The words she writes (and the words I write) are meant to uplift.

Carmen Harris is a healer and author who writes about self healing with the same mastery the Beatles wrote hit pop records.
The way I met Carmen was quite serendipitous. Just a couple weeks ago, We were both blessed to be enjoying a magical holiday in the Maldives at the luxurious soneva resort. One night I was having a conversation with her beautiful daughter and she said “you have to meet my mom. I think the two of you would really connect.” Within minutes of meeting Carmen I had learned that we had friends in common at the Ashram where I am currently staying and she had even met and received a hug from my beloved spiritual teacher, Amma. I knew in that instant our meeting was predestined.

Carmen casually mentioned she had authored a book on self healing and I immediately asked for the title of the book so I could purchase it straight away. I didn’t get that chance to download the book because Within the next hour, Carmen hand delivered me a copy. As she was writing a personalized note to me on the inside of the front cover, I said “we must be soul sisters.” When I looked at what she had written inside the book it read “From one soul sister to another.” We both laughed at how in sync we were.

Carmen has an electric energy and a smile so illuminating I think the Maldivian stars may have even been a bit jealous. Her joy was infectious and we spent the evening eating delicious cuisine, laughing, and dancing under the stars.

I left early for the airport the morning after to learn my flight had been delayed a couple of hours so I pulled out her book and immediately started to devour every word. It was like she was speaking directly to me. I must have underlined more than half of the books content because her story resonated so deeply with my own.

Now I would like to share some of the gems of wisdom she wrote in hopes you will visit the link below to purchase your own copy of Shit Happens, Magic Follows.

Obstacles are simply tests to judge how badly one wants to succeed.

If your reality doesn’t serve you, dream another dream.

We are the root cause of everything that happens to us in our lives. There is no one to blame, to hold responsible or accountable but ourselves.

Forgiveness does not have to invalidate our own pain nor should it condone the unacceptable behaviour of others.

We can only do the best we can with the current resources available to us.

We are human. Life will forever test us.

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