Update # 10 from India – AMMA has ARRIVED!

It’s November 17, 2015. At 6am, I hear a knock on my door. Usually, I am already up at this time but since I had little sleep the night before, I groggily asked “Who is it?”

It’s Fran, who I call my Amma Mama because she took me under her wing since my arrival at Amritapuri. She has taught me so much about Ashram life including how to do my laundry using buckets! Lol Fran knocks again and says, “Amma is coming and I don’t want you to miss it!” I tell her I will be right down and say a quick prayer of gratitude that God sent me Fran to partner up with on this awesome spiritual journey.

I brush my teeth, throw on some clothes, and race down to the entrance of the Ashram. People are lined up and down the streets all waiting for our Amma to arrive. And now… We wait, and we wait, and we wait some more.

I take this time to write, meditate, and pray. I think about “Who is Amma to me?” Amma is different things to different people. To some she is a great Humanitarian. To others she is an Avatar. I have also heard many refer to her as a Saint much like Mother Theresa.

To me she is the embodiment of Love and Kindness in human form. She radiates compassion and when I hug her I really do feel God’s Love pouring through me. It is one of those powerful experiences so hard to put into words. It is beyond comprehension.

I also call Amma my Spiritual Teacher. Basically, she is my bridge to Divinity. I am always my most content and at peace when I am in her company. I also LOVE that when she is asked what her religion is, she simple says “LOVE.” I’ve adopted this statement. My aim, regardless of someone’s religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, political association, nationality or whatever other label that has been created to categorize human beings, is to look BEYOND those labels and simply LOVE.

BOOM!!! As I finish writng that last sentence the energy in the atmosphere totally changes. A whirlwind of activity erupts. Their is shrieking and movement all around. Amma, know widely as “The Hugging Saint,” has arrived!!!

Police escorts lead the way. Behind them, a huge white tour bus slowly rolls down the unpaved road. I let out a little laugh because it is just so odd to see this HUGE tour bus make it’s way down this little dirt road with a Swami in Orange robes driving the bus. It was a strange scene and I couldn’t help but to admire the Swami’s ability to maneuver a vehicle so large in a space so small. A miracle indeed!

As the bus makes it’s way to Amma’s room everyone starts running after it. I noticed the Indians are running in one direction and everyone else in the other. My intuition kicks in and screams, “FOLLOW THOSE INDIANS!” So I did. As I made my way through a shortcut I never knew existed, I noticed a frenzy of activity going on around me. All of us were so eager to see the face of the woman we all came to the Ashram to see. We were like chickens running around trying to get a glimpse of her. It was crazy!

I ended up with an amazing standing place between the tour bus and her humble room on the second floor of a small concrete building. As we all waited for Amma to get off the bus, people start squeezing together like sardines to get a better vantage point. Usually, I would be the first person to OUT OF THERE at this point. Too many people and bodily contact with them is NOT for me. Instead of leaving, a calm settled over me. I let people push, squeeze, and elbow me in the back, etc. At one point, I was having trouble breathing because we were so packed together I couldn’t even fill my lungs with air.

Then it happened. Amma came out of the bus. The moment I saw this beautiful, tiny, and smiling woman I burst into tears. Actually, it was more like sobbing. An avalanche of happy tears ran down my face blurring my vision as Amma made her way up a spiral staircase to her room.

Once she was inside, the crowd waited because traditionally Amma appears at her window to wave at all. A few minutes later she appeared and waved to us all with such sweet Love in her eyes it left me totally breathless. By the end of it all I felt raw, emotional, and elated. The reason I came to India in the first place had finally arrived! I can’t wait to share every detail of what happens next with you all!

To learn more about Amma please visit www.Amma.org

Love and Light,

Katie Morris


  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to hear about the differences of how it was before and after her arrival.

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