Update #9 – Hello Maldives!

Om male maledives
” om male maledives” doesn’t mean anything. I just made it up on my way over to the islands. In my imagination it means “salutations to fun in the sun with my friends and I love God so very much for giving me so many tropical adventures in one lifetime.” Ummmmm yes, so that is my gratitude prayer for today.

The ashram taxi arrived at 4am. I had set my alarm for 3:50 am. Usually it takes 3-4 hours to get to thiruvanananat airport. This time it took one hour and a half. So, with 4 hours to spare I went on a hunt to find internet access.

It seems the only way to get wifi without having a local Indian number is to enter a beer lounge. Hmmmmm. Well, I did really want to call my family! So, I ordered a beer and started to dial (via FaceTime audio) my whole family and some friends (including a few ex boyfriends) looking to connect with my loved ones. No one answered!!! In full disclosure, I did FaceTime my sister around 6am india time by using a random Indian man’s phone number to access the Internet ( a smile can get you pretty much anywhere) and was able to SEE and talk to my niece, nephew, step sister, and brother in law for a short time before going through security. Once through security, the only way to access the World Wide Web was through a malt beverage called the fisherman. I have not consumed alcohol since leaving the states so it only took a few sips to feel lightheaded. Since no one answered my calls, I sipped while perusing Facebook and my gmail account. Suddenly, my phone was ringing! Yes!!!! Human interaction! It was one of my favorite ex boyfriends calling me back. As I sat in a dimly lit beer lounge, I told him about all of my grand adventures in India. Then, he filled me in on the happenings in the OC. It felt so good to connect with someone from home and God bless my strange romantic relationships because it wasn’t awkward at all, just full of platonic Love and well wishes on both sides. I think I must be the BEST EX GIRLFRIEND EVER. I should write a song about that!

Anyway, we talked away the early morning Indian hours until I had to board my flight. And at this moment, I am looking out the airplane window at thousands of Palm trees as I ascend into the sky enroute to another magical place full of Palm trees.

I can’t catch my breath. I think, “is this really my life?” and the answer is “YES!” Don’t get me wrong, I know life involves a lot of suffering and there is likely another heartbreak around the corner, BUT in this moment, I am happy, I am free, and I am writing down every single detail of my joyous journey so I can re-read it on the days where not everything is Rainbows and Butterflies. Because whenever I read about this magical adventure in the future when I am sad or low, guess what it will remind me of??? That grace and bliss follows sadness and heartbreak. Oh what a magical world!!!!

For anyone feel sad and low today, close your eyes, imagine Palm trees, a white sandy beach, and a crystal blue ocean and REMEMBER Joy is right around the corner.

All my LOVE, Katie Morris


  1. The Maldives is indeed an amazing place, its energy is so light, and therapeutic, just sublime. If you find your self with a little bit of free time try visiting your nearest local island with a local guide from your resort, where the local Maldivian people actually live, they are very smiley, and peaceful people. They have fascinating stories about how they ONLY drink rain water, because it is literally water straight from heaven, and if you are lucky they will give you some to drink, it does taste really good and different, and with absolutely no negative side effects.

    They have very interesting chairs that look like swings that actually play an interesting social function of equally distributing the groups’ attention, or at least that is what I assumed lol. They have interesting local fruits, leaves that stick, as well as rare and precious houses that are partially made of corals, and they just won’t whether. There are fun kids playing around, and you will hear many stories about what they did when the floods happened.

    They also have a kind economic system, when each shop only opens once a week to minimise competition, allowing each shop in the village to have an equal opportunity in making profit (at least this was in the local island I visited). Their local sarongs are also funky, I wear them at home all the time, especially in the summer when it is very hot,they make me feel exotic LOL.

    This is was in a local Island near the Island I visited, near Kandooma Island, I hope you have a local island near you.

    Meanwhile, ENJOY EVERY BIT OF IT. Sink it all in, the Maldives is beyond gorgeous. Joy is literally around the corner 🙂

    Follow the magic.

    Light & Love

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