Update # 8 – My Ashram Band

Hey Man the Ashram Band”
So, I started a band at the ashram. Oh yes I did! We play both Indian devotional songs and some western hits. We already have fans. I am way more popular here on the music scene than I ever was in the US.

Here I am a big fish in a small pond and it’s awesome. Last night my band mates and I went to the ocean to sing. My friend Salua played harmonium (kind of like a small Indian piano), her husband was on drums and backing vocals, and I sang lead for most of the songs. A group of young male Indians surrounded us when we started playing. I seriously felt like I was the female equivalent to Justin Beiber or at least Justin Timberlake. They went mad for us! The Indians were loving the music and totally entranced. I wish I had fans back home that got this excited when I sang. I even got a marriage proposal. At least that is what it sounded like one of the young men was asking me, but it was difficult to understand him with the language barrier and all. And to make the evening even more special the sound of the ocean in the background made our jam session feel extra magical. Somebody pinch me please. I even sang “Rolling in the Deep” a Capella and that garnered the largest applause of the night. Thank you Adele for writing a song I can sing anywhere in the world and get a crowd excited.

So yeah, that’s what I was doing last night. Singing under the stars with an ocean backdrop with my ashram band we named “Hey Man.” Tomorrow I will be flying off to the Maldives to have some fun with my best friend.

Life is good!


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