My favorite 3 days of the year are just around the corner. June 16th through the 18th I will be at a spiritual retreat at the LAX Hilton. This is the 8th year I have been going to see Amma, the Indian hugging saint when she is in the LA area. If you have never heard about Amma, please visit Not only is she my spiritual teacher, she is also an amazing humanitarian.

During her LA retreats, she offers hugs to all those who come to her. She has embraced over 35 million people. The retreats offer meditation, yoga, spiritual talks, massage therapy and so much more. These 3 days of the year are my favorite because I turn off my phone, my computer, and completely surrender to experience. I walk in the first day of the retreat with the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I walk out the 3rd day feeling like fresh snow. I feel so pure. It is like my re-start button. I walk out the best version of myself.

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