One last song for 2014

I decided to do something different this New Years Eve. I decided to stay in and write. 2014 has been a humbling year for me. There was so much Love and laughter but there was also a lot of heartbreak and struggle. I am so grateful for all of it, especially the painful parts. Because in my darkest moments is when I really started to appreciate the light. I am so excited for a new year. 365 beautiful blank pages to write on await me. My wish for anyone who reads these words is that they are blessed in this new year with an abundance of Love. I dedicate my last song of 2014 to you!

She Radiates

This is the last time I wrap my arms around you
This is the end of the same sad song played on loop
Tomorrow I’ll wake up faith restored and full of purpose
Tomorrow I shake off all my shame to walk in truth

And I know one day I’ll just laugh
I’ll tell myself it’s not that bad
The greatest mistakes are the blessings in disguise
Reminding me I survived

This is the last time I give away my power
This is the end of the lies I tell myself
Tomorrow a new day is reaching out to kiss me
Tomorrow a new me bows in grace, she radiates…

All the light of a million stars
All the warmth of a lover’s arms
All the beauty from a child’s point of view
And all this LOVE I offer you

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