WarriorGirlYoga.com started as a Blog about Yoga but soon became filled with stories about my Travel Adventures. Mostly, the site chronicles my journeys both spiritual and physical. From October 2015 through January 2016, I visited the Amritapuri Ashram in Kerala, India and then traveled throughout India and Vietnam.

My next set of adventures were several trips to Mexico, a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Costa Rica in July of 2016, and then another trip back to my spiritual teacher’s Ashram in India to teach swim classes, sing for a music festival, and of course, to teach and practice a LOT more YOGA.

In December of 2016, I received my accreditation as a Life Coach in order to provide additional support for my yoga clients.

I also teach private Yoga lessons in the areas I am traveling to or via Skype.

I hope you enjoy the stories I share. As you read about my adventures, I imagine you are all along for the ride.

Love and Light,

Katie Morris